Israeli-owned café vandalized with graffiti in London

An Israeli-owned café serving Middle Eastern foods popular in Israel and Arab countries was vandalized with ‘free Palestine’ graffiti.

Unidentified individuals spray-painted the words “Free Palestine” on the facade of an Israeli-owned cafe in London, reports The Jerusalem Post. The incident happened on May 14 at Michaels Brasserie and was reported on Tuesday by the Jewish News of London.

Michael Levi, the Israeli owner of the café, suspects that the incident was an antisemitic hate crime.

According to Levi, the police arrived at the café, documented the incident, and are looking into it. He said there was nothing Jewish about the cafe’s facade when it was vandalized.

”I can’t really get angry with people who choose this path. I just feel ashamed and hurt and upset. We are just trying to live our lives doing the best we can… and then this,” Levi said.


Photo credit: MICHAEL LEVI via JTA