Israeli trio beaten in London in antisemitic hate crime

Three Israelis were attacked by a large group on Sunday night in London, and according to the victims, the police failed to attend to them for 16 hours.

Three Israelis were attacked in London on Sunday night by a group of about 20 men when they were heard speaking Hebrew. A small group of men asked the Israelis, „Are you Jewish?” and were later joined by their friends in the attack.

When one of the Israelis confirmed she was Israeli, the men started chanting, „Free Palestine” and „F*** the Jews,” and according to the victim, she was also sworn at in Arabic.

One of the victims recounted that they were trying to get away from the trouble, but they were followed by the attackers, who were joined by their friends and grew into a group of 15-20 and started to attack the Israelis physically.

„I hurt my leg; they punched me in the neck,” she said. „I tried to run away, and I called the police so many times, at least ten times, and I kept crying to them, ‘I’m a girl; there’s a group of guys attacking me and my friends because I’m Jewish, please can you come, I’m scared I’m going to die.'”

„They don’t really care. They kept saying, ‘I’m sorry, it takes some time; you are not the only one that called tonight’,” she added.

While the Metropolitan Police claimed they attended the scene 28 minutes after the call was made, one of the victims said the police failed to show up after the call at all. According to The Telegraph, the police arrived at the victim’s home 16 hours after the attack but failed to appear at a North London hospital where the victims were being treated.

Detective Superintendent Lucy O’Connor said, „We are investigating this incident as an antisemitic hate crime.”

„The feeling for the Jewish community is that the leadership of the police, the government do not care about us,” the victims said. „The climate is very, very distressing for the British Jewish community.'”

Since October 7, antisemitism in the United Kingdom increased by 1350%. Campaign Against Antisemitism reported survey findings which found that 90% of British Jews were avoiding London due to fear of antisemitism, reports The Jerusalem Post.