Israel’s UK ambassador had to be evacuated due to violent protest

Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, had to be evacuated under heavy security from an event at the London School of Economics on Tuesday due to a sizeable pro-Palestinian protest against her presence.

Video footage showed security guards rushing Hotovely to a vehicle while protesters yelled, „Aren’t you ashamed?”.

Hotovely was invited to the university to take part in a debate forum. The hour-and-a-half event took place in full, and all 200 participating students were able to hear what the Israeli Ambassador to the UK had to say. „The extremists will continue to demonstrate outside – and the embassy will continue to speak directly with students inside,” the spokesman said.

Nevertheless, the event aroused considerable opposition from pro-Palestinian and other groups on campus. The activists specifically targeted Hotovely for „advocating for settler colonialism, being engaged in Islamophobic rhetoric and having perpetuated anti-Palestinian racism.

After the incident, Hotovely vowed, „We will not give in to thuggery and violence.” „The State of Israel will send its representatives to every stage”, she added.


Photo credit: Embassy of Israel, London