Italian teacher verbally abuses Jewish students

Students claim that an alleged antisemitic teacher has been making inappropriate comments for years.

An art teacher at Rome’s Enzo Rossi School now has several calls made against him for offensive comments, not limited to antisemitism, reports The Jerusalem Post.

According to Italian media sources, the teacher’s comments have been reported to the school’s administration, in many cases calling for disciplinary actions to be taken.

A left-wing student organisation, the OSA Collective, claims that the comments of the teacher in question were not limited to antisemitic remarks but also involved offensive remarks towards female students.

One of the teacher’s initial comments was offensive towards Jewish students, referring to the gas chambers found in Nazi extermination camps; „You big noses should have been cremated,” the teacher once said.

Moreover, the teacher made lewd comments when female students bent over to pick up pens or other objects. „This is how you provoke me,” the teacher said.

According to the school’s students and parents, this has been ongoing behaviour that has been reported on several occasions to the administration.

As a result, in November, the school planned a meeting where students and parents could share their experiences with the teacher in the hopes of finding a solution. This special assembly would provide a safe space for students to air their grievances in a controlled environment without fear of teacher retaliation, with the leadership of the school’s director. However, students claim that this behaviour is not limited to this teacher but has also been experienced with other staff members.


Photo credit: Collettivo Enzo Rossi