Jewish authors prevented from publishing books in Britain

British publishers have been refusing to publish books by authors who are Jewish since the start of the Israeli-Hamas war.

According to a report by The Telegraph, British publishers have been refusing to publish books by Jewish authors since October 7.

British founder of EnvelopeBooks, Stephen Games, an independent publisher, noted how, following the start of the war, there has been „a climate of growing hostility against Jews” within the publishing industry, reports The Jerusalem Post.

„A very well-known literary agent of great repute and associated with books that one would immediately recognise said that he is having difficulty with his Jewish authors or writings on Jewish subjects because he just finds that much of literary London is now a no-go zone for Jews,” Games stated.

Jews living in the UK have been experiencing growing hostility since the outbreak of the Israeli-Hamas war, and according to a recent study by Campaign Against Antisemitism, many have considered leaving Britain due to the increase in antisemitic incidents.

Jewish author Gillian Freedman reported having experienced discrimination when an editor attempted to remove the mention of her book Jews Milk Goats, claiming that „we need to give a wide berth to anything which references Jewish people and Judaism. It just isn’t worth the hassle that will ensue.” Nevertheless, Freedman is determined to continue living in the UK.


Photo credit: MomentMag