Jewish boy in London receives death threats after wearing IDF costume for Purim

A Jewish boy who was wearing an IDF uniform for the Purim festivities was threatened with death and was called a „Nazi” after a photo of him went viral on social media. 

The image shows the boy, who looks no older than ten, walking along a street in London’s Stamford Hill (home to one of London’s biggest Orthodox communities). He is wearing green khakis bearing the Israeli flag, a red military hat, and a plastic assault rifle, reports The Jewish Chronicle.

The image was shared by accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. The boy’s face is clearly visible in the image.

Some accounts called the child a „Nazi” and an „animal”; others threatened to attack him. One post read: „Looks like a terrorist. Kill him.”

Anonymous account War Monitor shared a photo of the boy to over 900,000 followers on Monday, March 25, with the caption: „Jewish child walking around … in Stamford Hill, London, dressed as an ‘IDF’ member carrying an assault rifle. Disgusting and despicable behaviour as usual from these people”.

Dilly Hussain, an anti-Israel agitator and editor of the Muslim blog ‘5 Pillars ‘, tweeted the photo to over 100,000 followers.

Purim marks the survival of the Jews after the Persian king tried to murder them. People commemorate the festival with costumes.