Jewish comedians combat rising antisemitism with roast show

A group of American Jewish comedians set up a roast show to combat rising antisemitism with a new approach.

A group of Jewish comedians took things a step further with the familiar realm of American entertainment, the so-called roast show, which ruthlessly yet humorously mocks well-known figures; they used it to roast antisemitism, to explore it as a cultural phenomenon, and to mock those who are antisemitic, reports the

Aiming to combat rising antisemitism, they make fun of it, writing original material for their respective acts, including taking a jab at ‘Jews will not replace us’ chants; „Replace you? We want to represent you in the divorce when she replaces you.”

The event occurred in June in Los Angeles (US) and featured renowned Jewish American stand-up stars like Modi Rosenfeld, Jeff Ross, Elon Gold, and Rachel Bloom.

In an interview, Ari Pinchot, one of the show’s producers, emphasised the significance of humour in the Jewish response to antisemitism, saying, „There is a long and rich Jewish tradition of dealing with antisemitism with the help of humour.”

„In light of the alarming increase in explicit antisemitism today, humour must take a proactive stance. Our goal was to produce and film a unique comedy show that brings together Jewish and non-Jewish comedians to skilfully dismantle modern and ancient antisemitism,” added Pinchot, explaining that through sharp wit, the show „will convey a powerful message, exposing the hypocrisy, irrationality, prejudice, and misinformation surrounding the current wave of antisemitism.”


Photo credit: Elizabeth Viggiano