Jewish journalist sues bar for refusing to serve him

A Jewish-American journalist is suing a bar in New York after he was allegedly berated by the bartender.

A well-known American-Jewish conservative journalist, Elad Eliahu, is suing a bar after allegedly suffering antisemitic harassment by a bartender, Alvin Dan, who works at the Swell Dive bar in Brooklyn, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Eliahu accuses the bartender of refusing to serve him and harassing him into leaving the establishment due to his Zionist views. According to Eliahu’s lawsuit against the bar, the bartender also „deliberately” mispronounced his name and called him a „Zionist fascist” while telling him to leave.

According to the Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit Eliahu filed, the journalist is a „proud Jewish-American,” Zionist and independent reporter. The claim goes on to say that Dan yelled at Eliahu for „[harrassing] abortion patients” and then continued to torment Eliahu after he left the bar, even filming himself walking down the street.

The suit charged that Eliahu „was unlawfully ridiculed, discriminated against, denied service and kicked out of the Swell Dive on account of his race, national origin and creed because he identifies as a Zionist.”

Eliahu’s lawyers claim that the lawsuit shines a light on antisemitic behaviour and calls on the New York State Liquor Authority to open an investigation to determine if the liquor license for the bar should be revoked.