Jewish man denied entry to bus in Sweden

A Jewish man claims he was asked to get off the bus by the driver due to a Jewish symbol on his clothes in Malmö, Sweden.

A man filed a complaint to the Swedish Discrimination Ombudsman (DO), claiming that he was not let on a bus in Malmö, Sweden, due to a “Jewish symbol” on his clothes.

According to the report published by the Expressen news site, when the driver saw the Jewish symbol on the man’s clothes, he was asked to get off the bus. Although he had already purchased a ticket, the driver shouted at him, making him leave the bus, stating that the other passengers didn’t like that he was Jewish.

“I was discriminated against,” the man wrote in the complaint report. “The driver saw a Jewish symbol on my clothes and demanded that I get off.”

According to Swedish media, the incident took place last month.

The Swedish Discrimination Ombudsman is investigating the case. The investigator in charge, Kristoffer Åkesson requested answers to a number of questions from the Swedish public transportation company Skånetrafiken.

“The DO wants to know, among other things, what the transport company knows about the incident and what possible measures have been taken or are to be taken in connection with the incident,” the report stated.

Saman Tondnevis, business area manager at Skånetrafiken said “We take this very seriously and are currently investigating what happened.”

The Jerusalem Post approached two Malmö rabbis but their community is not aware of any details about this incident.