Jewish Yale student jabbed in eye at anti-Israel Yale protest

A Jewish Yale University student was jabbed in the eye with a flag pole by a pro-Palestinian protester at a campus demonstration.

Sahar Tartak, the visibly religious Jewish student and her friend attempted to film the pro-Palestinian protest encampment set up on the campus but were immediately met with a group of activists, who did not allow them to pass, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The protesters had pushed Tartak and her friend repeatedly, and she noted signs of Walid Daqqah, the recently deceased terrorist.

“One of them takes their Palestinian flag and waves it in my face and then jabs it in the face,” said Tartak.

While Tartak reported the assault to campus police, no action was taken besides calling an ambulance for her. The officers refused to disband the encampment, and according to Tartak’s observation, they were highly outnumbered compared to hundreds of activists.

Tartak was discharged from the hospital without any permanent damage but in a mentally vulnerable place. According to her, pro-Palestinians have taken over campus, and it is intimidating.


Photo credit: Sahar Tartak via X