Leader of Black supremacist communist cult arrested

The leader of the Black supremacist communist cult ‘Black Hammer’ was arrested for kidnapping and imprisonment. The group is infamous for its antisemitic rhetoric and the burning of Anne Frank’s diary.

The leader of a revolutionary Black supremacist communist cult called ‘Black Hammer’ has been arrested for kidnapping, imprisonment and forced sodomy after a member of the cult was found dead at the group’s home in Fayetteville, Georgia last Tuesday, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Black Hammer is a Black supremacist communist cult, which blames any societal ills being suffered by non-white peoples on colonialism and neocolonialism. They gained attention in early 2021 when they burned copies of Anne Frank’s diary during the group’s failed attempt to establish its own ethno-exclusive town, Hammer City, in Colorado. The group claimed that Frank’s story was propaganda used to suppress ethnic minorities and was used to promote Zionism, which their leader, Augustus Romain sees as a colonial movement.

“Anne Frank is literally amerikan [sic] propaganda used to silence colonized people on the harm [white] Jews are doing today to colonized people,” the group said in May.

Augustus Romain, also known as Gazi Kodzo, the so-called “commander” of the Black Hammer cult, was arrested along with another group leader, Xavier Rushin, also known as Colonel Keno. The men were charged with multiple crimes — Romain allegedly have committed aggravated sodomy, multiple counts of conspiracy to commit a felony, criminal street gang activity, and was party to false imprisonment, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

On July 16, someone called the Fayetteville police claiming that they had been kidnapped. The call was received from the Black Hammer communal house. The police evacuated the house except for one person, and after a standoff, sent a bomb disposal robot into the building.

Amonte Ammons was found dead afterwards due to a self-inflicted gunshot. Nevertheless, the cult claims that he was killed by the police ambush. The police is investigating the incident and will release an update.