Less antisemitic incidents in France in 2022, but most violent cases dismissed

In 2022, there were fewer recorded antisemitic acts in France than in 2021. However, the majority of violent cases were dismissed.

The number of antisemitic acts recorded in France in 2022 has gone down by 26% compared to 2021, reports The Jerusalem Post. Nevertheless, according to the annual report on antisemitic acts in 2022 by the Jewish Community Protection Service (SPCJ) and the Interior Ministry, it remains the same average of the figures recorded over the past 20 years.

There were 436 recorded antisemitic incidents in 2022; however, it is acknowledged that this is just a small portion of the actual antisemitic incidents.

„This figure only reflects part of reality since it is based solely on acts that were the subject of a complaint or a report to the police,” the report suggested and added that it „doesn’t reflect the reality of antisemitism on the Internet.”

The report also revealed that 53% of antisemitic acts in France in 2022 have „harmed” the victims, while only 10% of the attacks were „violent” or „physical.” In addition, 61% of anti-religious acts were directed at Jews.

An alarming fact revealed by the report is that 63% of the antisemitic cases reported during 2015-2019 were „dismissed,” and only 24% of the cases resulted in the perpetrators being convicted.

President of CRIF (the umbrella organisation of French Jewry) Yonathan Arfi highlighted that although French Jews represent less than 1% of the population, they are the target of 61% of anti-religious attacks. Arfi added that besides being a threat to Jews, antisemitism is an indicator of the state of mental health of the society.