Lufthansa admits targeting innocent Jews

A video emerged showing a Lufthansa agent admitting that the airline banned an entire group of Jews because a few of them defied the rules.

A video emerged about the exchange of a Jewish passenger and a Lufthansa airline supervisor. The passenger demanded to know why a huge group of Jews was punished while only a few of them defied the airline’s rules. The employee admits that the crew made the entire group of Jews pay for the actions of only a few.

The airline supervisor said, “It was Jewish people who made problems,” adding that these people came from “Jewish people coming from the American JFK airport.

When pressed on why every Jew was being banned, the employee replied: “Everyone is paying for a couple [of people’s actions].”

Last week, a large group of Charedim was prevented from boarding a flight from Germany to Hungary. They were en route to Kerestir, Hungary, for the yahrtzeit of Reb Shayele (Rav Yeshaya) zt’l.

Several groups were traveling to Hungary via Germany with Lufthansa Airlines, about 150 passengers.

According to reports, nearly all the Jewish passengers followed the mask rules, except for “one or two passengers,” which led to a confrontation with airline staff.

Witnesses said that more than 100 Jews were banned from the connecting flight because of the one or two who defied the rules.


Photo credit: Lufthansa