Man accused of shooting at two Jews in Los Angeles convicted

The man who shot at two Jewish individuals exiting a synagogue in Los Angeles has been charged with a hate crime.

The man accused of shooting at two Jewish people exiting a synagogue in the predominantly Jewish Pico Robertson neighbourhood of Los Angeles in mid-February has been charged with a hate crime by federal prosecutors, reports The Jerusalem Post. In brazen daylight attacks, one man was shot in the back, and another was shot in the arm in a separate event the following day. The two Jewish victims survived.

According to the FBI charging documents, Jaime Tran, 29, told the police officers who arrested him that he intentionally looked up the location of businesses selling kosher food to find a Jewish neighbourhood. He confessed to shooting at two men who appeared to be Jewish based on their clothing.

Tran has a long history of making antisemitic remarks and sending graphic, anti-Jewish emails to fellow students at a dental school he once attended.

Following the attack, the Los Angeles Police Department said it had increased patrols through Jewish neighbourhoods and kept a heightened presence in coming days.