Man arrested for vandalising Beverly Hills menorah

A man was arrested after being recorded on surveillance videos throwing objects at the large menorah in Beverly Hills, California.

The city police of Beverly Hills, California, reported having arrested the suspect caught on surveillance camera as carving a Nazi symbol into a large hanukkiah (menorah) on the first night of Hanukkah.

The man, identified as Eric Brian King, was also throwing objects at the large menorah. He was promptly arrested and is facing charges of vandalism, and a hate crime, reports The Jerusalem Post.

While the police did not clarify which Nazi symbol was carved in the menorah, Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse claimed it was an SS sign.

Bosse herself is Jewish, with a Holocaust survivor mother. After the vandalism, she said, “I was very angry, and I was determined to immediately catch this despicable person.”

On the second night of Hanukkah, the city held a large public menorah lighting celebration, after which Mayor Bosse tweeted: “Tonight, we came together as a community for our Menorah Lighting Celebration. Let’s never forget how important it is that light overcomes all darkness and that we will continue to stand strong together as we celebrate the holidays.”