Men gather with far-right banners in front of German synagogue

Men flying banners with far-right symbols gathered outside of a synagogue in Germany, on the anniversary of an attempted torching by a Turkish citizen.

About ten men gathered in front of a synagogue in Ulm near Munich on June 5, on the anniversary of its attempted torching, allegedly by a Turkish citizen, who has fled Germany and has been hiding in Turkey ever since.

The men flew banners reading “White lives matter, stop the White genocide.” Banner also depicted a popular symbol among neo-Nazis, the black sun. According to T-Deutschland, local non-Jews confronted the demonstrators and made them leave the scene.

The demonstrators gathered on the one-year anniversary of the attempted arson at the same synagogue, allegedly committed by a 45-year-old dual citizen of Turkey and Germany. The man poured gasoline on the facade and set it ablaze. Rapid intervention by neighbours and firefighters prevented a larger fire. The suspect fled Germany and has been hiding in Turkey, which is refusing to extradite him.

According to T-Deutschland, the demonstration’s goal might have been to celebrate the arson attempt, which assumption was not ruled out by the local congregation’s rabbi, Shnuer Trebnik. “We experience so many absurdities, it’s possible. They might have a common interest,” he told T-Deutschland.

Police are investigating the incident outside the synagogue.


Photo credit: Courtesy of the Jewish Religious Community of Württemberg