Meta has blocked the Facebook page of Rabbi Slomo Koves

Meta, which, among others, operates the Facebook social media platform, has blocked the Facebook page of one of Hungary’s best-known rabbis without explanation, that of Slomo Koves, the chief rabbi of EMIH, the Hungarian Unified Jewish Congregation.

Rabbi Köves mainly shared content of a religious nature on his page, which has been inaccessible since Sunday afternoon after the social media giant emailed him to notify him that his Facebook page had been restricted. No reason was given for the block, so the question remains as to why his freedom of expression was restricted in this way.

Rabbi Köves’ Facebook page typically featured topics related to Judaism and the Jewish community, but it is also the largest platform for his daily Talmud study group.

It is unclear whether it was Jewish religious or community issues, or perhaps Talmud learning, or a clear stand for Israel under attack by the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas that led to the block. Still, whatever it was, Meta certainly has an explanation, but it has not yet been communicated.