Musk’s pledge to loosen content moderation policies emboldens online antisemites

Kanye West’s recent public attacks on Jews and Elon Musk’s pledge to loosen content moderation policies on Twitter after taking control of the social media platform this week have emboldened online antisemites who launched a new hashtag campaign targeting Jews.

A new hashtag targeting Jews has appeared on Twitter. Given the online social media platforms’ global importance, being used by world leaders, media figures, and celebrities, Musk’s takeover of the company is being closely watched, reports The Jerusalem Post. Many people fear that Elon Musk’s promise to loosen content moderation policies could lead to the further spread of racist and antisemitic ideas online.

As a matter of fact, hateful content is already growing, along with a new antisemitic hashtag, #TheNoticing.

A 4chan user called on others to use the hashtag #TheNoticing while posting antisemitic content on Twitter, especially messages harping on the Nazi-inspired idea that Jews control the world through hidden machinations. He also tweeted, „Now that Elon is taking over Twitter, it’s time to finally put our skills to use.” „There will be maximum chaos at Twitter over the next 48 hours, so now is our time to strike while the iron is hot,” he added.

Seth Rogen, a Jewish actor with 9.4 million followers on Twitter, highlighted the resulting wave of hateful content. „Anyone wants to see how much antisemitism is thriving right now, just check the hashtag #TheNoticing,” Rogen wrote. He soon deleted the tweet, perhaps because many Jewish users have argued that pointing to tweets by antisemites serves to amplify their hateful message.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt says it is concerning that Musk is willing to welcome Kanye West back to the platform after being suspended this month for antisemitic posts.

„We are concerned that Mr Musk’s acquisition of Twitter may accelerate what ADL has seen repeatedly: the pushing out of marginalised communities from social media,” he said in a statement.