‘Nations threaten their own sovereignty by forgetting’

„Eight months have passed since the biggest pogrom against Jews since the Holocaust and the world has forgotten what happened. Just as it has forgotten about the more than a hundred hostages held by the Hamas terror organisation because they are Jews.” Kálmán Szalai reflected on the staggering oblivion the world fell into since the October 7 terrorist attack on the Jewish state.

„This is a depressing message for the Western world, because nations are endangering their own sovereignty by forgetting,” said the Chairman of the Action and Protection League ahead of the screening of the short film ‘The End Of The Innocence’ at the Uránia National Film Theatre on June 5.

Kálmán Szalai highlighted the fact that in many Western European countries, Jewish communities and their institutions are under daily and imminent threat, and that street atrocities against Jews are a regular occurrence. Imported Jew-hatred is becoming more and more acceptable, not independently of openly supported migration.

Szalai Kálmán: A nemzetek a felejtéssel saját szuverenitásukat veszélyeztetik

A Tett és Védelem Liga vezetőjének nyitóbeszéde a „The End Of The Innocence” („Az ártatlanság vége”) című rövidfilm bemutatója előtt az Uránia Filmszínházban, 2024. június 5-én.