Nazi homeschooling network under investigation in Ohio

A group of Nazi parents are sharing homeschooling lesson plans praising Hitler and white nationalism via the social network messaging app Telegram.

A channel on the social network messaging app Telegram called the ‘Dissident Homeschooling Network’ is sharing homeschooling lesson plans that praise the virtues of Hitler and white nationalism and teach writing and maths embedded in Nazi themes. The channel consists of more than 2,500 members, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The network, founded in 2021, claims that public schools are run by „Zionist scum.” Their homeschooling project is explicitly labelled as a means for neo-Nazi parents to indoctrinate their kids by keeping them away from public school and giving them instructions on how to teach Nazi material without having to face scrutiny from the authorities. The lessons shared on the channel teach kids to say „Sieg Heil” and warn fellow parents not to give kids „Jewish media content.” The group also facilitates in-person meetings between like-minded parents and children.

The „dissidents” who share the content are a Nazi couple who have recently been unmasked by an anti-Nazi hate group,’ Anonymous Comrades Collective’. Katja Lawrence is a Dutch immigrant who has recently been naturalised as a U.S. citizen. She and her husband Logan frequently rail against other groups of immigrants on social media and even uploaded an audio recording of their own kids performing Nazi salutes to their Telegram channel and baked a cake to celebrate Hitler’s birthday.

„We are so deeply invested into making sure that [our] child becomes a wonderful Nazi,” said Katja Lawrence, who goes by the name „Mrs Saxon” on the network, in a recent podcast promoting the group.

Ohio’s department of education is investigating the channel and openly and categorically condemns all forms of antisemitic, racist and fascist ideology. Nevertheless, according to Ohio officials, there is little they can do to oversee homeschooling since homeschooling parents are responsible for choosing the curriculum they teach to their children.