Nazi memorabilia for sale at Goodwill online shop

A Goodwill online store lists a trio of Nazi memorabilia mugs, listing them as „3 Vintage Adolf Hitler German Mugs with Pin.”

A Goodwill online store recently uploaded a listing for a trio of Nazi memorabilia mugs, reports The Jerusalem Post. The three Adolf Hitler mugs start at $13.99 at the Goodwill of Western New York’s online store.

Two of the mugs feature an image of Hitler himself, along with what also looks to be his signature and his infamous title, „Der Fuhrer.” One of the mugs also features the Nazi Eagle, with its incorporated swastika. The third mug features various Nazi-era hate symbols, including the Odal Rune, the Arrow Cross, the Broken Sun Cross and the Wolfsangel symbol, used by the Nazis during Hitler’s reign and remains in the Anti-Defamation League database as a hate symbol to this day. The mug also features the phrase „Meine Ehre heißt Treue,” which translates to, „My honour is called loyalty,” which was the motto of the SS.

Included in the listing was a free pin with the words, „Ven you’re German, it’s hard to be humble.”

The auction of the listing „3 Vintage Adolf Hitler German Mugs with Pin” to purchase the items started on Friday and was set to end on Tuesday evening.

Many countries ban the sale of Nazi memorabilia, such as Germany, Austria and France. However, it is not prohibited in the United States.