Neo-Nazi arrested in Liverpool for encouraging violence online

A Liverpool resident running a channel called „Fascist Fitness” was arrested for encouraging violence against Jews and Muslim people.

Neo-Nazi Kristofer Kearney, known online as „Charlie Big Potatoes,” ran a channel called „Fascist Fitness,” where he shared extremely offensive material, along with fitness tips.

Kearney was recently arrested for encouraging violence against Jewish and Muslim people and promoting white supremacy, reports The Jerusalem Post.

On his channel, Kearney claimed Adolf Hitler „showed people the way” and that „he did nothing wrong.” He is also said to be part of a group called the Patriotic Alternative, and he was the first member of the group to be convicted of terror offences.

He was quoted by The Independent as saying that he wants fanatics and a cult, as well as „people who are willing to die for this cause.” Kearney was referring to a race war for which he „was training white nationalists”.

According to a recent report, Kearney was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison in relation to his Telegram posts from more than two years ago, which encouraged far-right terror attacks. That same year, in 2021, he shared links and lists of nearly 90 right-wing documents.

Kearney also pleaded guilty earlier this year in March to two counts of disseminating terrorist publications. He was extradited from Spain last September to face charges.


Photo credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire