Neo-Nazi march pushed back by anti-racism protesters in Germany

A small extreme-right march pushed back by thousands of anti-racism protesters in Mainz, Germany.

Anti-racism groups and political parties on Saturday broke up a planned gathering of a German neo-Nazi group.

A neo-Nazi group held an organized gathering on July 16 in Mainz, Germany, which was pushed back by about three thousands of anti-racism protesters, made up of church groups, labour unions and antiglobalization activists. They helped to push back the extreme-right march through the western city of Mainz.

About 50 members of the hard-right New Strong Party (NSP) had gathered for a protest, around half of the number the party said would show up, reports the Deutsche Welle.

According to local police forces logans like “Nazi city Mainz” and “Revolution now” were chanted before they wer prevented to move forward.

Clashes erupted between officers and NSP members, until the police deployed pepper spray, and the neo-Nazi group ended up relocating to another part of the city.

According to local media reports, other scuffles occurred between police and the counterprotesters.

On the day of the organized far-right gathering, Mainz Mayor Michael Ebling led a group of counterprotesters at the city’s main railway station and publicly denounced the planned Nazi meeting, and warned against underestimating the danger from the extreme right.

“They should take their brown backpacks, pack them up and start their journeys back home,” Ebling said.


Photo credit: Deutsche Welle