Neo-Nazis Beat Up a Man in Spain

Neo-Nazis attacked a young man in Valencia, Spain – reports the EuroWeekly News.

On Monday afternoon, November 8, a group of 10 beat up a young man in Valencia. The attackers appeared to be neo-Nazis and approached the man over his T-shirt with the slogan “working class.” The victim was initially approached by one person commenting on his T-shirt, who then began punching him. When he tried to flee from the man, another nine appeared and cornered him in a doorway.

The 22-year-old victim escaped and took refuge in a nearby bar. When the assailants were gone, he went to the local medical centre, where he received professional treatment.

An investigation has been opened into the attack on the young man. The crime has been reported to the Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, along with a medical report showing the injuries incurred during the beating. According to Susana Gisbert, the delegated prosecutor for hate crimes in Valencia, a medical report showing the injuries has been provided, and the proceedings will be examined by a magistrate’s court.

According to Susana Gisbert, other neo-Nazi attacks have been reported in this area. She warned that the attacks “do not go unpunished.”