New Israeli algorithm to combat online antisemitism

Volunteer movement Code for Israel and Israeli tech company Final collaborate to develop a specialised algorithm to fight online antisemitism.

Code for Israel, a volunteer movement dedicated to Israeli high-tech endeavours and Final, an Israeli technology company, collaborate to develop a specialised algorithm to make the fight against online antisemitism more effective.

The employees of Final have coded the algorithm voluntarily for the non-profit organisation Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA).

The innovative algorithm enables efficient and instantaneous monitoring of antisemitic expressions within the network, utilising an external interface facilitated by Cyabra. This counter-disinformation company uncovers threats across social media platforms. As a result, the capacity to report and remove related posts will be enhanced.

The algorithm is being implemented within FOA’s systems. It will be used by the organisation’s trained volunteers to monitor, report, and eliminate nearly tenfold more instances of online antisemitism than before. The system automatically aggregates content through the external interface of Cyabra, and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the degree of antisemitic potential is assessed in each post. Content rated this way as most heavily influenced by antisemitism is then transmitted to FOA’s Israeli and international volunteers for further examination. In the end, offensive content having appeared on social media platforms is reported, and the removal of such content is requested from the platform concerned.

Thanks to this innovation, volunteers gain access to a greater number of posts in less time, enhancing their ability to report offensive content. Ultimately, the system will provide insights into the percentage of antisemitic content on certain social media platforms.


Photo credit: Code for Israel