New Portal to Report Antisemitism on Campus

Leading Jewish groups developed a new website where students can report eventual antisemitic attacks on campus

The largest Jewish campus organisation, Hillel International, the Anti-Defamation League and the official safety and security organisation of the Jewish community in North-America, the Secure Community Network (SCN), launched their newly developed website, which provides an online platform for Jewish students to report antisemitic incidents happening on campus. Hillel International claims that students using the website can receive immediate support from security professionals and law enforcement.

The above group of organisations referred to a recent poll which found that more than 65% of Jewish respondents have felt unsafe on campus due to antisemitic attacks. One in 10 reported to be fearing of physical attack due to being openly Jewish. Moreover, 74% of those who actively experienced antisemitic attacks did not report it, and only 3% of students reported assault to the local or the campus police. Another 41% declared they don’t know how to report antisemitic attacks.

However, through the newly launched website, Jewish students will be supported and empowered to appropriately address the growing antisemitism on college campuses. The incoming data will be reviewed by trained security professionals, who – jointly with the law enforcement and the campus – will decide upon the appropriate response. Moreover, the portal will enable the involved organisations to track and report antisemitic trends, in order to „improve the campus climate” for Jewish students.