Photo released of suspect who beat a local rabbi in Germany

Berlin police released a photo of the suspect who attacked a local rabbi and his son in Potsdam in September.

The Berlin police released a photo of the suspect who beat a rabbi and his son in September and have asked the public to assist with information about the antisemitic attack.

The incident happened in the metro Mariendorf, where the suspect pushed a German-American rabbi, Rabbi Ariel Kirzon and his son in the metro and insulted them with antisemitic remarks. The rabbi, the state rabbi of the Jewish community in Potsdam, suffered a bruised shoulder.

Rabbi Kirzon explained the situation to The Jerusalem Post in September: “We were on the way to the doctor, as my son had an appointment… I received an anticipated call from the Israeli Embassy and therefore was speaking in Hebrew.” He was also wearing a kippah. “We were about to go up an escalator, and then somebody pushed me so hard, he literally turned me around. I was in shock. I didn’t say a word,” he added. Kirzon remembered that the attacker yelled “Jew,” but his 13-year-old son explained afterwards that the attacker shouted “rotten Jew.”

According to the police, “The incident happened on the mezzanine level of the Westphalweg underground station. The previously unknown suspect is said to have suddenly given a 43-year-old man travelling with his son a push in the upper left arm and insulted him with antisemitic [remarks]. Then the unknown man is said to have boarded a train on the U 6 line.” Along with a photo published of the suspect, the police asked the public and witnesses to provide information about the attack.

The investigations are ongoing and conducted by the State Security Police at the State Criminal Police Office. Kirzon welcomed the investigation, though he added that “unfortunately, it took four months” to open the investigation.