Pro-Israel organisation campaign against Roger Waters concert in Spain

Pro-Israel Spanish organisation campaigns against anti-Zionist Roger Waters’s concert in Madrid and Barcelona.

Pro-Israel Spanish organisation Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM) has raised its voice against anti-Israel musician Roger Waters’s concert in Spain, which will be a stop in the ex-Pink Floyd bassist’s European tour.

The Spanish concerts are supposed to occur in Barcelona and Madrid on March 21 and March 23 and 24.

ACOM is a Spanish, non-denominational and independent organisation that strengthens the Spanish-Israeli relationship through joint work with the government, political parties and civil society. They advocate defending human rights, democratic societies and civil liberties and are inspired by the rule of law.

„We believe that no public venue should offer its space, and no reputable company should associate itself to the promotion of hatred and antisemitic libels that are involved in Waters’ performances,” Angel Mas, president of ACOM, told The Jerusalem Post in a statement on Tuesday.

Roger Waters is a leading proponent of the BDS movement against Israel. In October, he said, „the Israelis seem now to have a policy of … murdering so many of them that they are absolutely trying to create another intifada. So they can make it an armed conflict…so they can just kill them all,” he said, adding that Israel is provoking the Palestinians into an armed conflict in order to manufacture an excuse to destroy them.