Pro-Israel protester beaten and strangled in Berlin

A man carrying an Israeli flag was beaten by youths in Berlin.

A man was insulted by three or four youths in a square in Berlin because he was carrying two Israeli flags, one attached to a stick and the other hanging on his neck.

The group of youngsters first harassed him about the flags, and then one of the suspects tore off the flag attached to the stick and threw it in a bin. Another member of the group then tried to tear the other flag from the man’s neck, causing him to choke and feel pain; however, he did not need medical attention.

Before the assault, the victim took part in the „Bring them home now! A silent vigil for Israeli hostages in Gaza kidnapped by Hamas more than 130 days ago. We will not forget you!” The man alerted police patrols after the attack in the presence of two witnesses. The available video footage of the crime has been seized, and the investigation is ongoing for dangerous assault with a political background.


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