Pro-Palestinian activists harassed Israeli Ambassador in Berlin

The Berlin police are investigating an incident in which pro-Palestinian activists allegedly harassed the Israeli Ambassador to Germany.

A group of pro-Palestinian activists accosted Israeli Ambassador to Germany Ron Prosor in Berlin. They shouted at Prosor, accusing him of having blood on his hands because of the conflict in Gaza, reports the Deutsche Welle.

According to media reports, several people approached Prosor at a private appointment. A video posted on X shows pro-Palestinian activists shouting at the ambassador, who is accompanied by bodyguards. Prosor’s security detail prevented anyone from reaching him.

In a video of the scene, the chant „Ron Prosor, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” can be heard. There was no direct physical contact between Prosor and the activists.

Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner condemned the incident. „It is absolutely unacceptable that people from Israel are personally harassed and threatened,” Wegner said.”Berlin does not accept hate and incitement and will take action against antisemitism in culture, at universities and everywhere else in Berlin.”