Pro-Palestinian demonstration allowed in Bucharest for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yet another pro-Palestinian demonstration has been approved in  Bucharest, Romania, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The head of the Centre for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism in Romania (MCA) has protested to the Mayor of Bucharest and the Romanian government over the approval by the City Hall of the organisation of another pro-Palestinian demonstration for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, reports the MTI.

MCA president Marko Maximilian Katz said the pro-Palestinian demonstration announced for January 27 was a gross insult to the memory of the 1,200 Israeli citizens massacred by Palestinians in the October 7 attack. He called on government representatives to take the necessary measures to ensure that this demonstration does not take place on a day when millions of people around the world are commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.

In a letter to the Mayor Nicușor Dan, Katz thanked the City Hall for allowing previous pro-Israel events to take place, adding that as a firm believer in freedom of expression, he would not have spoken out against the „demonstration of supporters of Palestinian terrorism” if it had not been timed to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance Day.

„The fact that a demonstration in support of those who brutally murdered Holocaust survivors and Romanian citizens is being held on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, with the approval of the local authorities, is in stark contrast to the exceptional support that Romania has given to Israel in order to restore its security and territorial integrity. But it is not too late to put this right,” wrote the MCA President to the Mayor of Bucharest.

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu was the first European leader to visit Israel last October to express his country’s solidarity with the Israeli people and the large Romanian community living there. Prior to this, on October 11, the Romanian Parliament, in an extraordinary session, issued a statement condemning „the barbaric attack by the Hamas terrorist organisation against Israel on October 7”, in which several dual Israeli-Romanian citizens were killed.