Pro-Palestinian demonstration outside Auschwitz during March of the Living

Pro-Palestinian protesters chanted „free Palestine” outside Auschwitz, Poland, during March of the Living commemorating the victims of the Holocaust on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

A footage i24 journalist India Naftali on X Monday and multiple international media reports revealed a large number of police placed around the circumference of the protest, in order to ensure that the protesters did not interact with those participating in March of the Living, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“A Palestinian protest is happening outside of Auschwitz now! THIS IS SICKENING,” i24 journalist Naftali commented.

India Naftali on Twitter: „‼️ A Palestinian protest is happening outside of Auschwitz now! THIS IS SICKENING. / Twitter”

‼️ A Palestinian protest is happening outside of Auschwitz now! THIS IS SICKENING.

„I feel immense anger,” an Israeli participant of the March of the Living said. „If we thought never again, we received another blow to the head at Auschwitz with the realization that what was done to Jews on this cursed land, could be repeated especially after October 7. I face them fearless and proud with our national flag.”

„They must not be allowed anywhere,” Holocaust survivor Jacqueline Glicksman said. „On Holocaust Remembrance Day, let us hold our heads up high and unite with the memory of the six million who were murdered, in the Holocaust and all those massacred on October 7.”

While Omar Faris, president of an association of Palestinians in Poland claimed that by protesting at Auschwitz, the demonstrators also bow down to the victims of the Holocaust, demanding the end of the war which broke out after Hamas invaded Israel and brutally slaughtered Israelis on October 7 at the site where 6 million Jews were murdered on the Memorial Day serving their memory is outrageous and shocking.


Photo credit: CHEN SCHIMMEL