Rabbi struck on head in antisemitic attack in Utrecth, The Netherlands

An unknown attacker shouted discriminatory slurs at a rabbi and struck him on the head in a shopping centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The Utrecht Police are looking for the suspect who attacked a rabbi at the Overvecht Shopping Center in Utrecht, Netherlands, on Friday, March 29, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Heintz claims that he was the victim of the antisemitic attack. He claims that the attacker said, “Why are you dressed like a Jew?” before striking him.

Heintz reportedly looked for shelter in an Action supermarket, but the attacker followed him. He published a post on his Facebook page in which he asserted that when he attempted to take a picture of his assailant, he was ejected from the store because photography was against store policy.

The Utrecht City Council condemned the attack in a Saturday statement. “There is no place in Utrecht for hatred because of who someone is or what someone believes,” said the city council. “Our city is a place of freedom, safety, and respect.”

The centre-left Denk political party said Saturday that it was “disgusting to commit violence against someone because of their religion” and that “there is no place for antisemitism, Muslim hate, or any form of discrimination in Utrecht.”


Photo credit:Rabbijn Aryeh Leib Heintz