Red swastika painted on a synagogue in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, US, a red swastika was spray painted on a sign outside a synagogue, and „free Gaza” was written on a Jewish-owned eatery.

In recent weeks, a number of local Jewish institutions were vandalised in the Bryn Mawr area in Pennsylvania, which provoked outrage in the Jewish community, the members of which rallied against antisemitism on Thursday, April 4.

A sign in front of Wynnewood synagogue Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El declaring „Our Community Stands With Israel” was vandalised on March 22. After the sign was replaced, a red swastika was spray painted on it on March 30, reports The Jerusalem Post. The perpetrator is unknown. „They wanted us to be afraid,” said the synagogue leadership in a statement. „A swastika is not a commentary on the policies of the State of Israel, nor is it a sign of solidarity with Palestinians. It is a symbol of hatred and division” The leadership of the synagogue added that they „will not give in to either fear or division” and expressed gratitude for the support they received from the society and the police.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia (JFGP) condemned the vandalism, adding that „we must work together as a community to make it clear that hate has no place here.”

On March 15, Narberth Jewish-owned eatery Nana’s Kitchen & Catering was vandalised with „free Gaza” graffiti, which provoked a rally against antisemitism on March 17.