Satanist neo-Nazi jailed in the UK

After avoiding prison sentences for years as a teenager, a 21-year-old neo-Nazi criminal was jailed in the UK.

Harry Vaughan, also known as Harry Blake, a resident of London, United Kingdom, was sentenced to three years and two months in jail after pleading guilty to a counter-terror order breach. He was also charged with making an indecent image of a child and possessing extreme pornography, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Vaughan was already handed a suspended sentence in 2020 after admitting 14 terror charges. According to sources, Vaughan was already interested in right-wing extremism, Satanism, the occult and violence at the age of 14. Police discovered 4,200 images and 302 files, including an extreme right-wing terrorist book and documents relating to Satanism, neo-Nazism and antisemitism, on his computer and other devices during a house search. Hand-made posters read „It’s OK to be a school shooter” and „It’s OK to be a Nazi” on his wall.

Vaughan was arrested as part of an investigation into an online forum used by extremists, and while he walked free from court in the past, he pleaded guilty in June and received a jail sentence.

Photo credit: Metropolitan Police/PA