Seven people arrested in Greece over racially motivated arson attack

Seven people were arrested by Greece’s anti-terrorism police over arson attacks against an Israeli-owned hotel and a synagogue in central Athens.

Four were accused of arson that could potentially put human lives at risk and of causing damage to foreign-owned property in a racially motivated attack, reports The Jerusalem Post.

A 25-year-old Greek woman, two Iranians aged 46 and 36, and an Afghan accomplice, 44, were arrested over a May 15 attack with a makeshift incendiary bomb on a building housing an Israeli-owned hotel and restaurant.

In another incident on June 18, a 44-year-old Greek man and a 26-year-old Afghan rode near a synagogue in Athens on a motorcycle and threw flammable material at its entrance, causing fire. According to the police, a 30-year-old Iranian had been arrested as their accomplice.

The three were accused of arson, gun possession, and robbery, among other violations, a police official added.

Five of those arrested have been detained, and two have been released on restrictions while awaiting trial.