Six Jewish youths outside a cinema in Paris

Six Jewish minors were physically assaulted outside a movie theatre in Paris on Saturday, June 22.

The incident happened in Paris District 17, outside the cinema in the So Ouest shopping center, when three individuals approached six Jewish minors, levelled antisemitic insults, and struck two of the victims, reports The Jerusalem Post. The minors then fled the scene and found shelter at a nearby police position.

The district’s major, Geoffroy Boulard condemned the antisemitic attack and said on social media that he was in contact with the Paris Police about the incident.

“I trust the Police department’s investigators to find the perpetrators of this intolerable attack and the justice system to pronounce the penalties provided for in such circumstances,” Boulard wrote on X.

The activist body Collectif Nous Vivrons on Sunday condemned the incident, declaring that “every day we witness antisemitic violence in our country.”

Only a few days before the incident, a 12-year-old Jewish girl fell victim to a gang rape. Antisemitic assaults have been on the rise since October 7 in France and all around Europe.

Regarding the incident, Boulard said in a statement that “The horror of antisemitism directly threatens our republican pact,” explaining that French President Emmanuel Macron has to do more than the proposed “Discussion hour” on racism and antisemitism.

Awareness cannot “replace the necessary strengthening of the law to combat this nauseating scourge in all its forms,” Boulard asserted.


Photo credit: Laurence Geai/Flash90 via JPOST