Snowplow operator fired after pushing snow onto Orthodox Jews

A snowplow worker based in New Jersey was fired after posting a video on his social media, recorded while he was operating the machine, dumping a large pile of snow onto two Orthodox Jewish men.

The video recording was made from the passenger seat, showing that the driver throws a large pile of snow onto two Orthodox Jewish men who were walking down the street, capturing as the driver and the passenger drive away, laughing.

The driver of the snowplow, Donny Klarmann, captioned the video in the now-deleted Facebook post: „This one’s for you JC,” possibly referring to Jesus Christ, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The video was uploaded last week and already received more than 315K views on YouTube as of Tuesday, February 8.

“While the incident did not involve a company vehicle or company equipment, the employee associated with this social media post is no longer employed with Waste Management,” the Waste Management company said in a statement, adding that they met with Jewish leaders in Northern New Jersey and New York City, stating that they „agree that acts of hate against any community cannot be tolerated and we are committed to the safety of the Jewish community.”

No charges have been filed to either of the men involved, and according to the Lakewood Police Department, the investigation is still ongoing.