Spanish music band vandalizes Israeli flag at festival

Spanish band ‘Tribade’ defaced an Israeli flag at the ‘Sziget’ music festival in Hungary last night writing „Free Palestine” and „Israel doesn’t exist” on it, reports The Jerusalem Post.

A Spanish rap band called Tribade vandalized an Israeli flag at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, writing „Free Palestine,” and „Israel doesn’t exist” on it, along with a profane message and a drawing of male genitalia.

Foreign Affairs Director at the Action and Protection League (APL) Tamir Wertzberger tweeted that the members of the band „snuck” into the area where Israeli attendees were staying to vandalize the flag.

Tribade, a Barcelona-based rap band, posted a video about them vandalizing the flag, with the caption „tribade no falla a su palabra,” (Tribade does not go back on his word.), according to screen records obtained after it was posted to the band’s Instagram Stories, which otherwise automatically delete after 24 hours.

Wertzberger said his organization is working together with the Hungarian authorities on the incident.

Several media captured the band’s Instagram story, including the Israel Hayom’s entertainment reporter Eran Swissa and Mako, and also the US based „Jews of NY” blog on Instagram. Israeli state-run antisemitism watchdog the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (CFCA) posted an article on its site.