Spanish politician resigns after calling Jewish rival a ‘Nazi Jew’

A Spanish politician has resigned as the chair of the Andalusia branch of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party after calling an opponent a „Nazi Jew” in a heated debate.

Amparo Rubiales, the chair of the Andalusia branch of the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party, stepped down from her position on June 8 following a heated dispute with a fellow politician from the centre-right Popular Party.

Rubiales made derogatory comments about Elias Bendodo, calling him a „Nazi Jew” after the politician of the Popular Party said in an interview that „Spain is not strong enough to withstand another five years under Pedro Sanchez.”

Following his comments, Rubiales tweeted, „This is really the discourse of a Nazi Jew.” After receiving heavy criticism for her remarks, she tweeted, „I have nothing against Jews and everything against Nazis.” Bendodo has Jewish roots and currently serves as a Senator in the Spanish Parliament representing Andalusia.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain strongly condemned Rubiales’ tweets, labelling them antisemitic, explaining that using someone’s origin, beliefs, affiliations, or religion for political criticism is intolerable and reprehensible, emphasising that comparing present-day individuals or situations to Nazism trivialises one of the most heinous regimes in history.

Rubiales responded that it is, in fact, wrong to use someone’s religion, origin or ethnicity for political criticism. However, she claims that she intended to point out a serious inconsistency.

The Andalusia branch deemed Rubiales’ remarks „unacceptable” and „objectionable” and distanced itself from Rubiales’ comments, clarifying that these represented her personal opinion and did not reflect the party’s stance.

Though Rubiales resigned after her comments, she received condemnation from beyond her party; the Popular Party intends to file a lawsuit against the politician, provided she doesn’t issue an official apology.


Photo credit: Francisco Correal