Spanish politician who defended October 7 massacre appointed to become minister of children and youth

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez appointed a far-left lawmaker who defended the October 7 Hamas terror attack and labelled Israel’s response as „genocide” to the position of cabinet minister of children and youth.

Fighting Online Antisemitism, a nonprofit based in Israel, calls on Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to drop Sira Rego as minister of children and youth „due to her support for terrorism,” reports The Times of Israel.

Far-left lawmaker Sira Rego publishes dozens of posts every day on X, where she condemns Israel’s actions and highlights Palestinian suffering. On October 7, she justified Hamas’s murder of some 1,200 Israelis and called Israel’s attack on Hamas a „genocide.”

„#Palestine has the right to resist after decades of occupation, apartheid and exile. Faced with those who today defend returning to collective punishment by bombing the Gaza Strip, it is urgent to defend international law. The only solution is the end of the occupation.”

At the time of Rego publishing her post on X, there were already detailed accounts available on the wholesale slaughter and torture that Hamas terrorists carried out in Israeli towns and villages. However, no significant retaliatory action by Israel had been implemented at that time.

In later posts, Rego described Israel’s attacks on Hamas, whose regime in Gaza Israel has vowed to topple, as a „genocide.” While Hamas-controlled authorities say some 13,000 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip, their statistics on Palestinian casualties do not distinguish between civilians and terrorists and cannot be independently verified.

As a result of four months of coalition negotiations, Sanchez’s ruling party, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, entered into an alliance with the far-left Sumar party and two separatist Catalan factions. The new cabinet is shaping up to include 22 ministers.


Photo credit: Europa Press