Stolpersteine project house in the Netherlands vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

A house in Lochem, the Netherlands, which has recently become part of the Dutch Stolpersteine (stumble stone) project, was vandalised with antisemitic graffiti.

A house in the Dutch city of Lochem, where a Jewish family lived until they were deported to death camps by the Nazis, has been vandalised with antisemitic graffiti featuring a star of David and the word ‘Jew’. The door of the house was also kicked in. The incident occurred late on Friday night, December 2, reports the Dutch News.

The house recently became part of the Dutch Stolpersteine (stumble stone) project, which is aimed at commemorating the Jews who used to live in a property by placing a small metal brick in the pavement in front of the house with their names, deportation date and the date and place of death.

‘Whoever did this is crazy,’ said a spokesman for the Stolpersteine association in Lochem. ‘I hope the police catch them and that they will face trial. I’m just sorry for the people who live in the house now.’ The spokesman said that it is the second time the house had been vandalised since the stones were placed at the address in September. The first time, a star of David was carved in the wood and the word ‘Jew’ with a nail. ‘I think it is probably the same person,’ said the spokesperson.

The association plans to place five more stones on December 14 and in 2023 another 43. Mayor Sebastiaan van ‘t Erve said that what happened is ‘an unacceptable hate crime’. „I hope the perpetrator is found and made an example of. We do not tolerate antisemitism in Lochem,” he said.