Swastika drawn outside Croatian hotel hosting French Jewish teens

French Jewish teens vacationing in Croatia found a Swastika sprayed on the pavement in front of their hotel.

On Monday moning, July 18, French Jewish teens staying in the southern coastal town of Trilj, Croatia, found a large red swastika plastered on the pavement in front of their hotel. Police are actively investigating the antisemitic incident, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Chairman of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association (EJA) Rabbi Menachem Margolin said: “This will be an unforgettable holiday and experience for these children, for all the wrong reasons… A reminder that we can never become complacent or let our guard down when it comes to antisemitism.”

The rabbi added that he is certain that the incident does not reflect the views of the vast majority of Croatians, yet the nature of this antisemitic attack is “still a deep cut to Jews everywhere”.

“As adults, we are sadly used to hate, yet we continue to do all that we can to shield our children from it. That a group of French Jewish Children on holiday in Croatia have had such a vicious and visible introduction to this hate is tragic. This attack is a reminder that we can never afford to be complacent and let our guard down,” added Rabbi Margolin.


As regards to antisemitism, Croatia has a troubling history. This incident comes years after a swastika was marked on a Croatian soccer pitch leading up to Croatia’s Euro 2016 qualifier game against Italy.