Swastikas have been carved into Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Swastikas have been carved into the concrete pillars of the Holocaust Memorial in central Berlin.

According to the local police in Berlin, one of the security guards of the Holocaust Memorial discovered Swastikas carved into the concrete pillars on Friday morning, July 15.

The police reported that “unconstitutional text” was written on the concrete stele along with swastikas engraved on it.

State security has opened an investigation into the case against an unknown perpetrator.

The memorial commemorating the murdered European Jews is Germany’s central Holocaust memorial, and is known as Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe or shortly Holocaust Memorial. It is a 19,000-square-meter site consisting of more than 2,711 concrete slabs or “stelae”, with an information centre underneath, which describes the persecution of Jews during the Second World War and the crimes committed against European Jewry.

Source: Neokohn/MTI

Photo credit: H. Raab