Swiss ski rental shop refuses to serve Jewish customers

A ski rental shop at the famous Swiss ski resort of Davos announced with a sign that it would no longer rent skis and sledges to Jewish customers.

The Swiss police have opened an investigation into the case of a ski rental shop refusing to serve Jewish customers in Davos, Switzerland. While the shop took down the sign after a day and apologised, many have strongly condemned it as being antisemitic.

Posters in the shop in question, part of the Pischa mountain restaurant, informed customers that, because of incidents, including theft, „we no longer rent sports equipment to our Jewish brothers”.

The shop said in an initial statement that equipment was often not being returned, and its staff no longer wanted „the hassle” of scouring the mountainsides trying to find abandoned sledges. But just 24 hours after putting the posters up, they were taken down after a storm of protest, reports the BBC.

The shop’s manager has apologised and said that the poster had been „badly worded „, adding that Jewish customers were, in fact, welcome in the store.

However, Swiss anti-racism groups stressed that targeting an entire racial, religious or ethnic group because of the alleged bad behaviour of a few is a classic sign of racism and discrimination, and not just clumsy wording.

The Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities has launched its own legal action, condemning the signs as clearly discriminatory.

Davos Mayor Philipp Wilhelm told Swiss media: „Any and all forms of antisemitism, racism and discrimination must be condemned. This does not belong in Davos. „