The reason for Meta blocking Rabbi Koves’ Facebook page is still unknown

As we reported yesterday, Meta blocked Rabbi Slomo Koves’s Facebook page on Sunday, May 26. The social media giant also deleted the page of Neokohn, the conservative-liberal news portal with 30,000 followers. No explanation has been given for either of the page restrictions.

The chief rabbi of the Hungarian Unified Jewish Congregation (EMIH ) told Index that he believes it can already be said that for years, Meta was paying much attention to the fact that clearly antisemitic, hateful comments appear under the Talmud classes of the rabbi. In contrast, the site of one of Hungary’s most influential religious leaders is suddenly being restricted without any justification.

Rabbi Slomo Koves stressed that he does not share political content on his Facebook page but rather publishes videos and posts with religious themes. Moreover, Meta did not give any reasons for the ban, only that the page did not comply with Facebook rules.

Slomo said that the Action and Protection League has an informal relationship with Facebook and appealed the decision. The source indicated that they would look into the reason for the ban. However, no feedback has been received as of yet. Whether there is a connection between the rabbi’s page restriction and Neokohn’s is also unknown.

The Action and Protection League indicated that Meta has not yet responded to the inquiry.

While it could also be possible that the algorithm blocked Slomo Koves’s page because of the large number of hate comments, Index reports that it would be absurd to block the person against whom the hate speech is being made.