Turkish media published antisemitic conspiracy theory about Armenian deportation

Turkish pro-government media published an article on Monday alleging Jews of being linked to the Armenian genocide, reports The Jerusalem Post.

In view of Ankara seeking reconciliation with Israel, the Turkish government supposedly ordered the largely pro-government media to reduce the amount of antisemitic contents that so far supported the interest of the country’s far-right AK ruling party, thereby basically representing the government’s official position. Nevertheless, the latest anti-Jewish article titled “Young Turks, Jews, Freemasons and the Armenian deportation”, published in the Daily Sabah, seems to contradict such aspirations on the government’s behalf.

The article in question was tweeted by the newspaper, claiming “it is a complicated matter of history, the Armenian deportation, involving numerous actors from intertwined sects of Freemasons, Young Turks to Young Armenians, with Jews of all colors sprinkled around.”

In this phrasing, by Jews, the paper doesn’t differentiate between Jewish groups, and every Jew is seen as representing “the Jews.” This is a classic form of antisemitism, when Jews are not seen as individuals but as a group, acting as part of a worldwide conspiracy.

The article opens by linking Jews to the founding of the Jesuit Catholic order, and consequently, to the Illuminati sect and Freemasons. It then moves on to blaming minority groups for trying to dethrone the Ottoman sultan, which is a typical far-right narrative. Throughout the article, Jews are always presented in a negative way, portrayed as being behind movements that were eroding European nationalism in the 19th and early 20th century.

After lengthily antisemitic discussions about the Lowther conspiracy theory and singled out Jewish figures of history, the article turns to assertions that Jews were behind the killing of Armenians, a genocide that the Turkish government massively denies. Nonetheless, the article writes “Thousands of Armenian citizens were deported from Anatolia to Syria under the supervision of German and Unionist officers. Some of them died or were killed on the way.” Overall, the article creates a context in which Jews are linked to Freemasons and are responsible for the deportation of Armenians. In this narrative, modern Turkey becomes a victim of minority groups, rather than a perpetrator of their suppression.


You can read the original article here.