UK antisemitism has risen by 581% after Israeli-Hamas war

As of October 7, the date of the Hamas terror attack on Israel, antisemitic incidents were up 581% in the United Kingdom compared to the same period from last year.

Since the brutal attack of Hamas against Israel on October 7, anti-Jewish incidents have risen from 47 to 320 between October 7-16, compared to the same period from last year, reports the Jewish News Syndicate.

The reported 320 antisemitic incidents include 15 assaults, 14 instances of damage to and desecration of Jewish property, 46 direct threats, 244 examples of „abusive behaviour,” including „online abuse”, and one example of mass-produced antisemitic literature.

These statistics were documented by the Community Security Trust, a nonprofit that protects the Jewish community in the United Kingdom.

„In addition to the 320 anti-Jewish hate incidents recorded so far, CST also logged at least 209 incidents that have not been classified as antisemitic,” reports the nonprofit organisation. „These include criminal acts affecting Jewish people and property, suspicious behaviour near to Jewish locations and anti-Israel activity that is not directed at the Jewish community or does not use antisemitic language.”

The CST noted that the provisional total is „certain to increase further” due to receiving delayed reports from the examined period.

Some of the incidents, according to CST, are „‘Free Palestine, kill Jews’ shouted at the heart of a Jewish community in London”; „a threat made over the phone to a kosher shop in Liverpool, saying, ‘We are coming to get you'”; and „two Jewish schools were splattered with red paint in London.”

UK politicians are standing up for Israel; British Minister of State for Security Tom Tugendhat said that he was „very concerned” and compared the actions of Hamas to that of the Nazis. „It is preaching a blood libel, preaching a hatred for Jews and preaching a hatred that extends around the world.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Jewish schools in North London and is expected to visit Israel. He expressed he stands with Israel and the Jewish community.


Photo credit: Shomrim (Stanford Hill)