UK Neo-Nazi group’s leader sentenced to prison

The leader of the British neo-Nazi fascist group National Action has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

27-year-old Alex Davies, the leader of the banned neo-Nazi fascist group National Action (NA) in the UK, has been sentenced to eight years of prison for setting up a group called NS131 as a loophole to work around the ban. He attempted to argue that NS131 was separate from the banned National Action.

The National Action openly supported a violent white supremacist ideology, and members have often been photographed giving the Nazi salute. In 2013, Davies said that he was unwilling to admit what he would do to Jewish people because even he said it was “so extreme.”

According to English media, Judge Mark Dennis QC said, “I’m satisfied the defendant played an active and prominent role in concert with his trusted associates in trying to disguise the continued existence of the organization in defiance of the ban.”

However, Davies claimed that the NS131 group was not a continuation of the National Action but rather had a separate set of goals, adding that it was his democratic right to continue engaging with the group.

“This was a well-orchestrated and determined effort to flout the ban on the activities of National Action and continue to promote and strive to achieve the long-held objectives of the organization,” said Judge Mark Dennis QC.