Welsh politician plans Holocaust Memorial Day vigil entirely excluding Jews

Welsh lawmaker Julie Morgan has sent out invitations to a Holocaust Memorial Day event for “gypsy, Roma and traveller” victims, with no mention of Jews.

Welsh politician Julie Morgan has sparked outrage for sending out invitations to a Holocaust Memorial Day vigil for “gypsy, Roma and traveller” victims, but entirely excluding Jews.

Morgan, the Welsh government’s deputy minister for social services, sent the invitation via email to fellow politicians and workers at the Welsh parliament, known as the Senedd.

According to the London-based Jewish weekly newsletter The Jewish Chronicle, Morgan refused to apologise for her indiscretion when contacted by the paper.

After obtaining a copy of Morgan’s invitation, the JC reported that it stated: “Holocaust Memorial Day 2023. Gypsies, Roma and travellers – remembering all.”

A staffer for another member of the Senedd told the news outlet that they were “horrified at this exclusion” upon receiving an invitation to a Holocaust event from a government minister that left out mention of Jewish victims.